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Kissxsis chapter 49 OUT~!

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yes its here!

the long wait chapter (:3)

here is chapter 49, been a busy week, and this exam i gotta take now… :/

anywho, im planning to pick a new series, its called nyatto. i really like it,but i need help. i cant translate, so i need someone who can help me with the scripts. and an editor. i dont think ill be able to redraw all of those pannels quick…. unless i make the releases like once a month….

well here is the chapter:

oh and i was thiking that people here must still be using windows image wiever to read the downloaded manga, so i wanted to share something with all of you. its a program called CDisplay, its used to read comicbooks (cool right?)

How it works? well you open the program, drag that rar file from your mangaseires folder into the program, and it will load all the images on that rar file in chronological order.

bad thing: it doesnt support japanese cahracters or chinese… but well, its a good program to read manga, and you can apreciate the quality of the scanlators more.

here its the link:

21 thoughts on “Kissxsis chapter 49 OUT~!

  1. CDisplay was googd when it came out, but there is nothing like
    It’s the best comick reader so far, with library functions and a lot more advanced feauteres. A true manga lover should have everything organized with this. Also it has the ability to improve somewhat the scanlations quility as it has image display options ;)

  2. you can also change the files asociation to make things easier,

    you can choose cdisplay to be the default program to manage .rar and .zip files! so when you double click on a rar or zip file you will immediately start reading!… later, if you want to open the rar or zip files to see the contents, you just have to open it from the “open with” list.

    i have been doing it this way for over 4 years now (certainly a looong time xD)

  3. The word “response” on the preview pic should be “respond”.

    I also use mangameeya, but irfanview is another reader that’s pretty good. It even plays movies in rar files without extraction.

  4. i like picasa viewer most.. you can zoom in and out easily with scroll….
    and very beautiful transparent image viewer..

  5. Thanks for the new chapter!

    And yeah, I’ve been using CDisplay for a number of years now. Until I find something that has a moveable zoom window like CDisplay (I don’t want to make the whole image bigger, just the section that I’m having trouble reading), then I don’t plan on switching.

  6. WinZip has a built in image viewer similar to the Windows XP image viewer, which I greatly prefer to the image viewer in Vista and W7. I just recompress every RAR file I download into zip (which in several cases even results in smaller archive sizes) and then read using WinZip.

  7. Hi kundumstaf,

    Great chapter… especially in terms of fanservice. Nice work as usual, too.

    I had hoped to be able to proofread this, as it looked like a really fun chapter from the raws. Maybe next time?

  8. xnview is enough for me. zoom to actual size, left mouse button to drag, right button for selections, scroll for prev/next images, right button+scroll to zoom and shift+arrow keys to rotate.

  9. hello please tell me where you take the scans to the head, we just want to translate this manga into the Russian language, but very often not a loan where you can find the scans. ‘ll be very grateful for any help

  10. For reading Manga I use either IrfanView or MangaMeeya.

    Oh and if you need an Editor I could help out a bit.

  11. Personally, I recommend HoneyView. I stuck with CDisplay for a long time, since I don’t want a library program that takes forever to start up like Comic Rack, and CDisplayEx was slower. HoneyView is nice and fast though, and has the important features like right-to-left two page view.

  12. For linux user exists also Comix, i think it’s even better than CDSplay but this is just my preference.

    Oh yeah, tanks for the scan.

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