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About kissxsis 50

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know we’ve been late with the chapter.

i want to apologize for that. i been busy with school. and the translator has been busy with his own stuff. the chapter its being proofreaded right now. i should get it any time soon. however, i have an important exam, therefore i wont be able to work on it till friday night, mountain time.

The chapter should be out sometime friday or saturday. most likely friday, i wanna get this out asap.

Also, ill be setting up an online reader here in my blog, so you dont have to be downloading the chapter if you dont like reading off your pc, and prefer it to do it online.

Again, sorry for the delay, and expect a new series some time next week as well.


34 thoughts on “About kissxsis 50

  1. lol ungrateful leechers >_> “get it done fast you son of a [email protected]#$” just ignore him Mr.kundumstaf .. hobby.. thank you for your hard work on almost all your your projects ( i read almost all the series that you work on :P)

  2. Whatever, my IP isn’t static and its not like your translation gonna take long to get inside mangafox or other reader site anyway.

  3. Serialrapist you sure are an idiot ! Be a little more grateful to the people who translate the manga you read FOR FREE !!! Anyway you do a great job ! Take your time and translate the chapter I really appreciate your hard work !

  4. he is a japan publisher, he want to upset the people who TL the manga so they no longer want to do it, happened whit black wing…but thats just one crazy theory, anyway, ignore him

  5. it doesn’t mean that Twincesst Scans has any right to take it too slow like this, the chapter is out like a month ago and there are many groups capable of releasing it within a week when it’s out in share. I normally stand with Twincest but you are taking it too easy with all the excuse and so.

    1. damn, why can’t you wait a bit?
      im still waiting on the proof version. i will release it today. dont be so ungrateful. people too have lifes. i don’t get paid to do this, i can’t be focusing all my time on scanlating what you people want.
      WAIT. you gotta have some patience… not everything can be fast like you want.

      1. ah ok, waiting for the chapter then.
        Thanks for the hard work. (but please make it faster the next time, you have been quite slow lately).
        Just a thought, but how about you not taking up new series while you are already slowed down with projects like Rika and Kissxsis?

        1. because the only thing that was slowing me down was the script. that’s why
          this is just a side ill do. you are too impatient. your personallity its very annoying. i hope you are not like this in real life.

  6. Sorry for the wait, people. I just sent the proofread version back to kundumstaf. It took longer than I expected because there was a lot of text in this chapter, and I had to double-check on the translations of a few items.

  7. wtf whit those ungratefull leachers, kundum ignore them, they must be trolling, we know that the team make this for free, as a hobby, and we dont want to ruin your fun, take it easy, if they can´t wait because they dont have a life is not your fault

    thanks for updating the status

  8. hitman :
    ah ok, waiting for the chapter then.
    Thanks for the hard work. (but please make it faster the next time, you have been quite slow lately).
    Just a thought, but how about you not taking up new series while you are already slowed down with projects like Rika and Kissxsis?

    lol shut up..have you EVER tried to edit? yes its time consuming try to be grateful that at least u get to read a chapter every so often. so please refrain from posting stupid comments. plz dont piss people off or else they are going to get annoyed <<>> God i swear man i don’t get this people.

  9. Hope you’ll keep a download link besides the reader, once that’s in.

    The people who complain about it either have shitty speed or have no clue there’s a program with which you can read archives.[that, or the increase in quality opposed to online]

    1. making a reader is very difficult. i won’t be able to do that. seems tehre is a reader on batoto who has uploaded all the chapters, including animesigma’s
      ill upload there, and provide a link from batoto. ill ask some help from people who knows about this kind of stuff. im not good with server and programation, only i know is what i taught myself.
      ill get this done some time this night. im still cleaning. takes a while this thing.

  10. Its ok just make sure id on’t forget coz, I’ve been wating they should make this a fortnightly series… And What about the Ovs that came with it, I can’t find it!

  11. EVEN IF I MUST WAIT UNTIL TOMORROW I SHALL WAIT IN FRONT OF MY COMPUTER FOR THE GLORIOUS 50TH CHAPTER!!!! seriously 50 chapters the series has come a long way since it’s humble beginning… the art has improved, the translators get the jokes, i laugh and then i die on the inside once i realize that i used to support the neighbor girl route….. so how bout that OVA?

  12. hi, just a question, the new series you were talking about was nyatto right? how is that one going? just wondering because it seems the last scanlator dropped it a long time ago so not sure if there are raws

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