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KissxSis chapter 50 out~!

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riko-neYes its here. I can”t believe I stop doing my homework, even stop my studies for my exam to finish this….

/me sighs

Anyways, here its the latest chapter. I’m gettin more and more pissed at Yuzuki…

and riko’s hotness its TOO high <3

anyways get it at my MegaUpload Link, I’m trying to set up an online reader. bear with me its hard, its not easy. im gonna talk with some people.

44 thoughts on “KissxSis chapter 50 out~!

  1. megaupload is not like mediafire, we can use download accelerator program(IDM, gigaget,etc) with mediafire, while megaupload render the program useless.

  2. thanks for the release but hope the next chapter won’t be as late as this. (i think the next chapter is in a week or so). Looking forward to it.

    1. im not sure what do you mean.
      if you’re talking about their online reader. its hard to install. why don’t you try and then teach me if you’re that desperate to have it.

  3. @hitman just STFU, really, kids these days -.-
    @kundum Good Luck whit your examn

    i whish i can ban people like hitman from the internet

  4. If you got to study then leave scanlating of popular mangas to a group of kickass no-lives, a down syndrome kid learn to stand faster.

  5. check the ip, and you can see if we are the same person or not. Btw, it’s not like i’m ungrateful or anything, but the translation is really slow…I know you are doing this as a hobby but waiting half a month just to read 30 pages is just…
    And, some of my friends said that they could have done it in two days when the raw is out in bk (the one Kundumstaf is using), but because of “scanlator code” they don’t want to jump him.
    Moreover, because the translation took so long, that’s why now when we have chapter 50, chapter 51 raw is already closing in next week. And because works pile up like that, we will have to wait another month for the chapter…and now he’s taking up more series…that’s why kundum, if you can, can you please speed up the work for kiss x sis rather than taking up series (since that means you will take more time for kiss x sis)

    1. it took me a day to edit and typeset the chapter. the translator was busy, and i can not blame him, he offered from good will to help me with this. if it wasnt for him, idk what would’ve happened.
      please show some consideration, we’re working hard for you people. it’s annoying hearing people like you, hitman, who complain for every single thing. i was late with the chapter you complained, i put the link, you complain that its megaupload.
      the reason i use megaupload its because that hosting site uses all of my speed and uploads/downloads very fast for me. i dont get any money. i dont even eat well, so dont be throwing crap at me with me collectiong money.
      Just wait for the next chapter like a good reader.

    2. May I ask what “bk” stands for? I know a lot of manga raw websites, but I don’t think any of them would match the abbreviation “bk”

  6. Hey Kundu mate

    i have to say thanx for all the hard work an GL for the exsams there a shtie :P
    but as far as the Online readers go i been sortin fru some for a mates lill clan comic
    and i have to say foolside is the best i found it was deffo the easyest to set up :)

    iff you need a hand with it you can feel free to mail me an i will help out anyway i can dude…

    1. that sounds awesome, i really have no idea how to do this thing. Right now my computer’s power cord its fried. i can’t use it for a week like i used to. I’m borrowing one from my school, and the one i ordered will arrive around the 8th, or so.
      I still keep working on what i usually do. ill send you an email to talk more about this stuff

      1. You can come in #foolrulez on irchighway and I’ll gladly help you out, and even install it for you if you want. Took me a bit of time to make it as easy as possible to install, but indeed it sounds quirky if you never tried putting something on a server before.

        What’s best is that once it’s installed, it just works inside the browser, and you will never have to touch the files again. Even the upgrade is one-click via browser.

  7. Out of curiosity, when is Rika gonna be released? As much as I look forward to the next new release, I understand that these things take time, so I’m not going to verbally harass you over the net to release things faster. I would however, like to know if there’s a release schedule in place or not, so that I know approximately when I can get my fix. I can’t speak for other people, but the thing that makes me the most impatient isn’t really the amount of time inbetween releases, but rather the uncertainty of when the next release will be.

    1. Like i said, ny computer’s power cord irs BURNT
      im waiting too for the translationg and the new one to arrive. as soon as it arrives i will start working on these things.
      No there is no release schedule. And i think you can wait a few days. remember i pick this series, and if i hadn’t, you wouldn’t even know it existed.

        1. This is my series, why would I drop it?
          I said I am going to release it. What’s taking so long? Well, if you rad my previous posts, My computer’s power cord was burnt. I jsut got it a few days ago, I’m waiting for the translation.
          Now, can you shut up, please?

  8. Thank you so much xD

    im sure ull do well in the exam if u were listening in class, for me i never study for exams but i always pass them =D

  9. Ignore them kundum.
    Feeding trolls/ungrateful people isn’t productive to anybody but constant negativity.

    Thanks for your time and effort in doing these

  10. Just to let you know your doing an excllent job and I my self knows how hard it is to release a manga chapter on the date you plan. Stuff happens and you can’t controll it
    and by the way best manga I’ve ever read great Translating keep up the good work.

    and i’m putting this in because I like the quote “Without salt, your brain can’t function properly, right?” Keita Suminoe KissxSis chapter 37

  11. Not trying to get on your bad side or anything but do you know when the next KissxSis chapter will come out I’m dying to know

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