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Crime Zone Chapter1&2

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Bet you didn’t expect this!
Here is chapters 1 and 2. chapter 1 is another version we did, if you read it, you will notice a few changes in the script.
ohhh this chapter is so awesome =D
Well people please apply if you’re interested on helping us working on our series, it will make the releases much faster, and well don’t forget to donate if you can, so we can buy more raws for the series we do =D
enjoy people

Crime Zone - Chapter 01
Dusk -Hesperides-

Crime Zone - Chapter 02
Original Species

21 thoughts on “Crime Zone Chapter1&2

  1. Good manga glad you released these chapters since it seemed like a one-shot that would never be continued so its nice to know theirs at least raws out there ^.^

  2. I love the new chapter Im happy to see the new translated chapter, Im happy to see it was not dropped. Thank you for release

  3. this is strangely a very exciting series, kinda like high school of the dead but without the outrageous fan service. haha thanks!

    1. I basically retranslated it from scratch. The story hasn’t changed but I think the grammar is much easier to read and there are some different translations used for certain terms to account for a few things.

  4. Seems like a series about a girl with a vampire dragon thing attached to her arm going out of her way to cock block a rather unfortunate guy. I’m not sure what to make of it really…

  5. i just found this manga on batoto and its great!
    thanks for releasing it!!

    ps: since im a german its funny to read german words in mangas and would like to adress some points (i swear i dont want to be a smartass! and its more than fine to ignore this!)

    chapter 1, page 58: the translator already noted the word “breit” (it means broad), but there is also the word “bereit” which means “ready” which may would fit better

    chapter 1, page 59: “rachen” (it means throat) its highly possible that im mistaken since it really is something like a dragons throat/head, but since it would mean “awaken throat” its possible it could also mean “awaken dragon” and dragon and throat are written pretty similar in german “throat” = “rachen” and “dragon” = “drachen”

    the last point is chapter 2, page 12: “rauben bein”, better may be “bein raub” = leg steal, but that would sound like the name of the technique she used, so just forget this

    and of course once again thanks for the great chapters! keep it up!!!!

    greetings from germany

    1. Hi, the translator here. I don’t actually know much German so I can’t really correct any mistakes in the German there might be. Seeing as how the series is just beginning, I’d rather not change something unless it makes sense to in case it comes up again later anyway though.

      Bereit does sound like it would fit better than breit, but I don’t think the katakana used would allow for bereit in normal circumstances. This is something that may be worth considering if the translation were to be redone when the series is over.

      The thing on her hand eats their enemies so I believe the “throat” meaning was intentional.

      Chock your last one up to poor knowledge of German grammar by the Japanese author. :P

      Thanks for the comments on the translation.

  6. Get the permission of this CRIME ZONE MANGA !!!
    Hi !

    My nick name is Sin, i’m a Vietnamese and a member of ( let’s share to be shared )
    I happen read this project and i REALLY LOVE IT !!!
    But many my friends cant read English so i want to ask you a question:
    I’m also a translator and Editor, can i use your project to re-translate and re-edit it to post to my website so my Vietnamese friends can enjoy it ?
    Of course i will trans it exactly like your AWESOME English project !You just need to say YES or NO
    I will put your credit page in the trans-page to thanks your efforts.We only get the vietnamese translation credits
    If you’re agreed, that would be big helps and we approciate that for your hard work and helping us so much. If not, its really sad for us, but i could understand the reason
    Thanks for reading this and hope i can get an answer!

    1. not a problem. It IS a great series, so I would love to for more people to read it. do you want the cleans? or you are gonna re-edit it? and yeah please just add the credit pages to you r release. we want for the people who work on it to be credit it ^^’

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