Minamoto-kun Monogatari

April 27th, 2012

New Series! Minamoto-kun chapter 30

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Written by: kundumstaf

Soooo~ we wanted to do something extra with a friend of mine. I like this series, therefore I do not mind doing it.
We’ll try to provide better quality.
Enjoy the release people~

Minamoto-kun Monogatari – Chapter 30
Deep and Melting


  1. Gohankuten

    I really like this series and am glad you picked it up. Definitely one of the more interesting plots for mangas today.

  2. Hitokichi

    Surprised, didn’t know you guys gonna pick this up.
    Anyway Thanks for the HQ release ^^

  3. S.C.

    you gonna stay at it? if so: BOOYAH NO MORE WATERMARKS!!

  4. Xac

    yay, new chapter released!

  5. Ren

    Thanks for the awesome release kundumstaf !

  6. GreenMoriyama

    Who’s translating this? I love this series, not for the intense sexiness, but for the storyline.

  7. PureManga

    Thank you for picking up this series i hope it not to much to ask but are you guys going to do the past chapters 21 to 29 the guys that dropped it did them without the watermarks like you guys do i hope you guy consider this series was to good watermark. thanks for your response and thanks again for doing this manga series.

    • 4seiken

      ^What he said… Seriously. I stropped reading this once Playground had to drop it since I didn’t wanna touch the pinoymanga version.

      Anyway, thanks for picking this up.

  8. hariwald

    Wow, that was a surprise. Thanks for piking it up, anyway.
    On the other hand, I’d like to know what happened with “Rika.” Are there no more RAWs, was the publication canceled, or simply there are no TL’s available?

    • bin

      read the forum

    • kundumstaf

      there hasn’t been a release in japan. no raws no manga. no manga, no job for us.
      we gotta keep waiting. I can’t just go ahead and draw the story. We’re not mangakas. This is not Bakuman @_@

      • Gohankuten

        What I coulda sworn you guys were all mangakas and that this was bakuman. Dang means I need to go get my head checked out.

  9. xX0x0Xx

    Thanks! I hope you guys know what you are doing unlike Pinoymanga Scans with watermarks and rly rly bad editing skills.

  10. Newmanga

    I’m with PureManga can you please do the previous chapters Playground scans couldn’t do before dropping this series? Pinoymanga Scans really do suck with the watermarks and all.

  11. anon100

    instead of picking up a new series that is already taken (by 2 other scanlations) you should re-take others series like nyatto, just saying.

  12. Herologic

    i noticed a few of the past chapters were watermarked by Pinoymanga Scans are you guys going to do the past chapters i think it was like 21 to 29 hope you guys redo those chapters i really like this series and it looks like alot of other people here would like to see these chapters to.

  13. anon100

    the one who translated this could do it, but if he/she’s no interested it’s fine. it just seems innecesary to me.

    • kundumstaf

      the one who translated this is a public translator. we have no right to make him something he/she doesn’t want to do.
      If you want nyatto that bad, you could go ahead and look for a translator for it. There was a reader who wanted juuden to be out. he was looking around and never gave up. now thanks to him we got a translator for it and we’re making pretty regular releases.
      Why don’t you look around those translators who do hentai series, maybe you can find one that might be interested in it.

    • I was waiting for this comment oO

  14. Juan

    Wow! You can actually read this!

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