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Extra existence

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Another SHIONO Etorouji projects we have decided to pick up. Special thanks to kugutsu for agreeing to tl it, and Kund for helping me clean it. Enjoy ~

Extra Existence - Chapter 01
Collapse of Shinjuku

13 thoughts on “Extra existence

  1. Taking the delays of various series Vortex is already translating into account, I question the wisdom of taking up more series.

    1. is funny you say that. we do not slave work out friends. if they wanna work on a series, let them be. why are there delayed projects? cuz the translators quit and are busy with life. you should probably stop complaining and be thankful for what you get.
      We release what we can ad the proper moment.

    2. The delay that you see on various series that we are working on are usually due to one or many of the corresponding staff for said series being busy dealing with their own personal lives, or in the case of at least one of the series, there being no raws to work with. Also, not every staff member likes to work on every series we do, so at times we have series that get left alone for weeks on end.

      However, if all members were active and working on every series, and the issue was simply not having enough time to work on each series, then I would understand your statement. Because, as aforementioned, work on any particular series is dependent upon that certain set of individuals, it is not simply a matter of time, but a matter of interest in the series by personnel that keeps it alive or allows it to die.

    3. heh~. so you have some problem with us picking up a new series.., then why dont you try to find a staff that will work on the delay series that you are talking about that is “if you are responsible enough to take the burden”., as a member of this group i only work on the series that really got my interest and i can’t even imagine to work on a series that i dont really feel.., and yes we have a freedom here to work on the things that we like and i think that is what it makes this group alive.

  2. Sweet, I’m seriously glad you guys picked up another work from this mangaka!
    I remember reading this chapter from another group a long time ago but had trouble understanding some parts due to translation maybe? I understood this one just fine, so I’m happy that out of any groups that could’ve picked this series up, it was you guys that did. Thank you!

  3. I’ve gotta say this is one troublesome series you’ve picked up. Two groups have done so then abandoned it in three years interval. Like a caaaaaaaarse~

  4. I am fully aware that scanlators of any job are just regular human with a life and the same weather as everyone else. My observation was simply that there have been various delays and you guys picked up another series. Hence my comment. If you have the staff willing to work on it I will say no more.

    And me joining Vortex: I am too busy melting right now. I will try to remember you guys one things have cooled down, but no promises.

    1. Only problem is when translator’s get busy in real life with no free time to help out. though I won’t complain, since is a favour they’re doing to us.
      We’ll see what we can do

    2. Just wanna mention one thing Ostia. A lot of the staff are individual editors, or the series have specific people working on them, not all the staff from the group necessarily. So continuation depends on the different staff’s availability.

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