July 10th, 2013

Karin Omake

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Written by: kundumstaf

As I was going throught dragon age magazine, I saw a chapter which looked familiar. at first I thought it was Hekikai no AiON, since is the same mangaka and all….

But then I was like… no wait, this chick is a loli, plus her hair is shorter, then I cheked twice and it was KARIN! \o/

Fell in love with the series, since it’s one of them that has vampire with such cute romance in it <3 making me buy all novels. Therefore I pulled a few strings and tried to released this as best as I could!

Well Enjoy people! I will keep looking if there are more specials from karin coming out, so if the donations could keep coming so I can get the magazine, please~~~




Karin – Chapter 01
Special 01: Lost girl in the forest of Braunrick


  1. cntrsn

    THANK YOU!!!!
    It’s so good to see this!

    THANK YOU!!!!

  2. ASDasd

    This wasn’t in the US published version. Thanks

  3. zin

    What about Minamoto-kun Monogatari 86?The RAW was released on Sunday and its already Thursday and nothing of the translated chapter,you guys not gonna translate it?

    • The translator is on vacation. We’ll see if we can find someone to replace him in the mean time, but no promises.
      He too needs some time to fap in peace….

  4. RebeccaMiyamoto

    Thanks for the release, I was really surprised when I saw “Karin” at the top of the latest releases list on Manga-Updates and was like “What the hell is going on Vortex?” and had to come see.

    One thing, earlier in the chapter a caption says that Kanon is 4 years old, but later on she says she’s 6 years old. Did 2 years actually pass inbetween pages (if so then Kagesaki needed to be a bit less ambiguous there) or is it just a typo?

    • Not sure if 2 years actually passed from the beginning till the end, but that’s what the raw said. I too found it a bit bizarre but maybe the magaka did it on purpose?

    • JJ

      Kanon is 4 years old in the beginning of this chapter because that was her age when she first saw her great-grandmother (Fumio’s mother). Kanon then gets lost in the forest when they visit again in 2018, when she is 6 years old.

      According to Chapter 28.5 of Hekikai no AiON, Kanon is born in 2012… or to be specific, Karin is pregnant with Kanon by 2012.

  5. Anon

    Oh god, thank you so much for releasing this! Love Karin, this adds a perfect little after-story.

  6. patapi

    I watched Karin anime years back ago. It was one of my fav at that time. This omake sure takes me back. Thanks a ton for your hard work!

  7. White-Fox

    This is really nostalgic. THANK YOU for bringing this funny chapter.

  8. Geese1

    Thanks for the release!

    This reminds me that I need to finish up Karin, as I only read through volume 11, I believe. Guess I should do that before reading this new chapter! ;)

  9. JJ

    Hey, thanks for the release — this is a wonderful find, and you guys did a great job! I, too, really enjoyed the Karin manga, and have copies of all the volumes as well.

    By the way, there’s a sub-chapter of Hekikai no AiON featuring Karin and Anju… mostly Anju, actually. Chapter 28.5, if I’m not mistaken.

  10. anon

    thanks for this! btw is it possible for you to continue Hekikai no AiON. the cougarpeople group (http://cougarpeople.blogspot.sg/) who are doing it before stopped for more than a year now.

  11. eirini_kl

    How nostalgic, I loved this manga! It’d be great if more stories like this one come out! Thanks a lot for scanlating this!

  12. vipo

    Thanks a lot for the new chapter!!

  13. Dex

    I’m a brazilian scanlator, and I’ve translated Karin entirely to portuguese (and so I did with the Extra Volume “Karin AirMail” and two volumes of the light novel, and almost all of AiON’s chapter, till volume 8. actually, I’m a fan of Kagesaki’s works, so almost all of her mangas I’ve translated to portuguese XDDDD).

    Is it possible for me to retranslate this chapter to portuguese? and if possible, I want the japanese raws for it (I don’t really mind the quality of it, it’s just for having it to compare and train my japanese skills). If you can share your raws, I’d thank a lot. /
    You can see my translated work on Karin in these links:

    Thanks in advance for your attention and comprehention.
    Please, email me if its possible for you to share your raws…

  14. Night

    Thank you so much for releasing this chapter :) I always love the extra bits of after story. Lol, makes me wonder if Rei will meet kanon again. I hope they do.

  15. Whoa, that took me by surprise! Never thought to see another chapter of Cheeky Vampire (<- that's what the manga is called here in Germany).

  16. Moon

    Thank you so much.. =)

  17. begui

    wow thanks a lot for this i was a fan of karin serie really cute and good and bit heartbreaking at the end of the manga so its a surprise after so long and special came out. thanks again

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