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Omamori Himari THE END

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And with this we end the series.

Started working on this series with FTH. After I left Empathy gave us the series to finish it up, since they were busy with their own stuff ^^ Didn’t think this will end so soon but I’m glad it did, and glad I’m still here to see it end \o/

I wanna thank everyone who helped us on this series. Eru13 for helping with the scripts, JJ who offered to proof and did so till the very end of this series, Bin my buddy who even though we get lazy still got this thing done :D and ofcuz my loyal staff who supported us with things we couldn’t figure out ~o~

Now a few words from the Translator:

“Yay! I got to fulfill my end-of-year purpose, finishing translating this series!! (You’ll have to wait for the releases though XD)
I first watched the anime for this while it aired back on 2010 but I never got to reading its manga until four or five months ago, it was a really pleasant coincidence that I ended up translating this, even if it was just the last two volumes.
Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this series as much as I did, the ending is pretty good I should say, it’s not the best ever, but what can you expect from a harem series that was extended just because it became more popular than expected? XD”


Well without further ado, Please enjoy the finally of this series \o/

PS: we will release the missin omakes soon, we just got lazy =D

Omamori Himari - Volume 12 Chapter 71
The Light Beam's Wild Cat

Omamori Himari - Volume 12 Chapter 72
Phantasmagoria in Cat

Omamori Himari - Volume 12 Chapter 73
Phantasmagoria in White Cat

Omamori Himari - Volume 12 Chapter 74
The Ending of the Cat's World

Omamori Himari - Volume 12 Chapter 75
A Cat, a Girl, and the Place for Tomorrow

34 thoughts on “Omamori Himari THE END

  1. Oi oi, are you kidding D’:?
    Final????? NOooooooooooo Dx !!
    …. damm…. T.T
    guys, thanks for bring us this amazing manga :’D

  2. It’s been one hell of a ride.
    Thank you guys for all the hard work! I never would’ve dreamt of reading the finale of this series, but you made it happen!

  3. Thanks for translating for translating Omamori Himari, it has always been one of the most enjoyable magas I’ve read, so I’d like to thank you for taking me along for the ride. I find the ending satisfying as well, so do send more of this kind of series along my way if you happen to come across one. :D

  4. Thanks so much for finishing this series.It’s been an enjoyable ride and greatly appreciate all the time and energy you guys put into it for us. ^_^

  5. Thanks for finishing this series guys, tho the art was probably the best aspect of it toward the end, lol. Any plans to do the Gaiden no Sho one volume spinoff?

  6. Thanks for finishing the series! It was a great read! I have collected the Eng. edition of the books and awaiting for Book 11 to come out next week. I can’t wait for the final one of the series to be published in English so I can complete the series at home.

    Will you be also translating the other side books for Omamori Himari? The official site has four light novels and two additional manga books for this series.

    I would love to see if you would do the two additional manga books of Omamari Himari if possible?

    Book of Omamori Gaiden ISBN-13: 978-4047127494
    Omamori 1/4 ISBN-13: 978-4047126626

  7. Well, what about the ones from volume 0, as well as the one the shows the past, like of Himari being trained by Yuuto’s grandpa and meeting with another neko?

        1. Close, but I actually meant this book

          おまもりひまり 処女画集

          Omamori Himari Virgin Art Book -Matra Milan Art Works-

          There’s an epilogue to the story written there.

  8. Huge thankyou to everyone involved in this project, past and present. I just checked the file dates on the first chapters, and they go all the way back to 2008 Manga Heaven releases.
    Looking forward to seeing how this finally ends.

  9. Thank you very much for finishing this series. Been reading OH since it was first scanned, and while it’s a little sad to see it end, at least I was able to read the entire story.

  10. I read yesterday that there was an extra chapter published on omamori himari matra milan art works, that it was after the ending and served sort of an epilogue. I saved many files from that book and founded pictures of the chapter. I don’t known if is complete but here it is.
    There 2 folders, one without altering the order and the other that I changed the order to what I thought is the right order. It is 8 pages long. If you want to translate it is up to you. Thanks for all your efforts.

  11. Say, I heard that the english version of volume 12 seems to include the epilogue; do you think someone could at least upload the pages of it somewhere?

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