Sat. Sep 21st, 2019

My goodbyes

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It has been quite a few years since I’ve started doing scanlation.

I’ve first started with Red Hawk, tried to join but I wasn’t good enough to clean there, therefore I kinda just… stop trying. Then since I was a huge fan of nagasarete airantou, I tried joining ala-atra scans.

my cleaning wasn’t good still but I could still do somewhat of a redraw, since I could clone. after I learned more from TM (Thousand_Master) A guy named Empathy brought me over to his group and I started working on kaibutsu oujo, which was one of my favorite series at that time. ┬áThat was probably the first official series I started cleaning/redrawing and typesetting (yes I learned typesetting after joining FTH)

Everything was fine and after I got more experience I started to join more groups, such as Red Hawk, Imangascans, Endless Scans, Hyena, Casanova, suimasen, XGL, Vexed-scans, Cake, animum mutare, animesigma, and a bunch of more groups I can’t remember atm. I loved the work and I was proud of my skills so I wanted to keep doing this ^^

As time went by I created Twincest to do kissxsis, then took in rika and then nyatto. After that made another group, Vortex, it was supposed to be a troll group to release gamaran in better quality together with my highschool buddy bin. But as people joined and the more series we started to do, we got more serious, mergued both groups and now this is the outcome…. Quite amazing right?


It has been a really good… 5-6 years? idk anymore. But I must come to a hiatus. I’m leaving for some personal reasons for a bit. I’ve let everything in place for my staff to manage and everything should go still smoothly.

It was a pleasure working on these series, even though things got out of hand sometimes, or we got delayed, or me losing my temper… but it was all worth it. All these countless of thousands of hours I’ve spent working on this, it was well worth it. Many of readers don’t know, but we spend a lot of hours working on series like these. I don’t regret anything ^^

I will be back 2 years from now, so for the time being I bid you my farewell. Please do not PM me anything via forums because I will NOT be able to answer them. Refer things to my other admins, kiss-shot, DreamEater, Kane.


I thank you guys for all the support and for the laughs we had. Things should still go smoothly. I’ve taught my guys well and they will try to do their best to bring the joy manga brings us all.

As always enjoy the releases and whenever you guys can donate so we can buy more tanks for the releases.



Thanks for the support and godspeed guys o/


-kundumstaf / kami-kun

27 thoughts on “My goodbyes

  1. You gotta do what you gotta do I suppose. I liked how you announceds your (temporary)retirement. Alot of other scanlation teams that retire simply stop updating there site rather than saying that they won’t be scanlating anymore.

    It worries me when Airantou and KissxSis will be picked up by another group but being both popular manga it might not be for too long.

  2. You’ll be missed!!!
    You’re the most devoted editor I met during my time as a scanlator!
    Thanks for all the stuff you edited for me!
    I hope I’ll be still around when you come back (which is quite likely :P)
    Until then, be well!!!!!

  3. Thanks for everything kundumstaf
    Its a very specific timeframe you have given there too!

    The series you have picked to do over the years have been great and I hope the group will be able to carry on without you.

    Im sure everyone wishes you the best of luck with whatever you need to do over the next couple of years.

    If you are able to, come back once in a while, even if its just to say hi to everyone!

  4. Dammit. Well, I hope everything goes well and good luck.
    I really appreciated your work.

    And I hope Vortex Scans stay strong.

  5. Thanks for letting us know. I wish you the best of luck in whatever it is you are going to be doing and I hope to see you again in two years. It’s been a pleasure reading the series that you’ve helped to release.

  6. Thanks for all the hard work you’ve put in over the years. I’m sure I’ve read literally dozens of series that you’ve played some role in scanlating. So thank you very much and (hopefully) see you in a couple of years :)

  7. I’ve just been a silent reader all these year, but thing like this make me want to comment stuff
    thanks for all your hard work & we will be waiting for your return in the future *cries in front of my pc

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