00 Kyoumen no Silhouette

Kyoumen no Silhouette Chapter 23 – 25(END)

At last finally we’re done with this manga!!! Thanks to all people who help us to finish this series!!! all the editors proofreader and all (you guys know who you are). And of course Rpapo and bigk coz even when im not around they still keep on working with this manga. well thank you guys […]

00 Ashita no Kyouko-san

Ashita no Kyouko-san Chapter 18

And finally release!!! Im sorry to our translator XX_nani_XX that it took us a year to release your translation hopefully you wont stop and we will work on it much earlier.., anyway thanks to rpapo for his QC and proofreading.. Hopefully you guys can enjoy.., we have raws until volume 6 so yeah.., anyway THAT […]

img000001 Nagasarete Airantou

Nagasarete Airantou chapter 149

Well thanks to greenmoriyama and bigk, without them this series and cahe might be drop..,  anyways i think we will have the latest volume of this series given by santa claus lol..,  more releases of some of our projects in the following weeks.  

00 Cahe Detective Club

Cahe Detective chapter 39

Well late post..,  we got some problem in our blog and having a hard time to log in so late post as usual.  Anyways Vortex scans is still alive it’s just kundumstaf got some girlfriends and he’s not into loli anymore..,  thanks to bigk and greenmoriyama for working on this series and making it still […]

img000001 Kyoumen no Silhouette

Kyoumen no Silhouette chapter 22

Well it’s here…  Thanks to rpapo and bigk for always working with this series…  And of course to kund for reviving  the site…,  a few more chapters left and this series will be complete…. 



Rika Chapter 01 RELEASED!

yes, i said there was a new series, and here it is! i would like to give thanks to Galooza, for finding this series. and Vexed for helping me out trasnalting this manga. visit him at: hes a r...
by kundumstaf


KissxSis chapter 46

yes people 46 isn’t after 47. but still i wanted to release it anyways ;3 thanks to JJ for proofreading this chapter. and again FD2Raptor for translating this. i think my cleaning quality has gone up, but well thats just ...
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KissxSis chapter 47!!!

Yes, i cant believe it either. thanks alot to my friend FD2Raptor. he posted the script. i was like so stunned @O@ hopefully we can start working together. =D this was a short chapter. and since he went to all the trouble to al...
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well… i guess i should say something

so yeah, like you read below… i’ve kinda gotten over kissxsis, it was cool back when i started it, but i’ve probably been working on it for too long. the group “twincest” is new, but the staff are ...
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bad news….

as u guys can see… we havent release the lastest kissxsis chapter… reason iz…: abcd got bored of it, and has drop the series… :/ If anyone out there can help me with the translation, ill clean and releas...
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KissxSis chapter 45

Well, now… i here by present you the new twincest chapter~~! This chapter was  out a while ago… but jsut got lazy and slept instead of typesettin this :x anywho… get it from out MediaFire link! Stay tunned fo...
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KissxSis Chapter 44 OUT!!

Yes people, this is a new group for KissxSis ONLY. my awesome friend, abcd9146, and i had the idea of makin a new group for this a while back, and well, here it iz. anywho… u can now grab ur new chapter from our mediafire...
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