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IWASAKI Masakazu

The ruler of the demon world has come, with only his trusty assistant, to conquer the modern day human world! It's a little rough from the start, because most people just seem to think he's a cosplayer. Also, due to the worst recession the demon world has had in 500 years, though, he's a little underfunded. For his conquest, he's got to fight the Hero of the human world. She's Ichikawa Kyouko, a distractingly pretty, tough, modern-day girl who happened to pick up the giant sword that marks her as the chosen one. [tethysdust]

Comedy,Ecchi,Romance,School Life, Fantasy,Shounen,Supernatural

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2014.10.07     Chapter 01 - The Advent of the Demon King  MF  RO
2014.10.07     Chapter 02 - This is my castle.  MF  RO
2015.01.09     Chapter 03 - Stalemate  MF  RO
2015.01.31     Chapter 04 - The Devil King gets his Fill  MF  IRC  RO
2015.02.14     Chapter 05 - What the Demon King Cannot Reach  MF  RO
2015.02.26     Chapter 06 - That Witch The Demon King Requires  MF  RO
2015.02.26     Chapter 07 - Volt, Axe Activate!  MF  RO
2015.03.15     Chapter 08 - The Carrot, The Stick, and the Staff  MF  IRC  RO
2015.03.25     Chapter 09 - Maou and the Casusl Party  MF  IRC  RO
2015.04.04     Chapter 10 - The Courageaus Thief  MF  RO
2015.04.24     Chapter 11 - The Strongest, Darkest Knight  MF  RO
2015.05.26     Chapter 12 - The Attack of the Dark Knight  MF  RO
2015.06.15     Chapter 13 - The Demon King Wears Prada  MF  RO
2015.06.18     Chapter 14 - After School, Healing time  MF  RO
2015.06.29     Chapter 15 - Your Comrade!  MF  RO
2015.07.13     Chapter 16 - The Hero Caught a cold  MF  RO
2015.08.05     Chapter 16.5 - Extras  MF  RO
2015.10.08     Chapter 17 - Party, Party!  MF  IRC  RO
2017.02.24     Chapter 18 - The Demon King's Army in the Morning  MF  RO
2017.04.09     Chapter 19 - The Hero's New Look  MF  RO
2018.10.08     Chapter 22 - Your Name  MF  RO