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SHIONO Etorouji

"13 years ago, an unknown object appeared at Shinjuku. That creature regularly gives birth to a demon. Therefore, our world is being eaten clean."
The military found a weapon capable of fighting these creatures, a special power known as "exex" that becomes part of the human body.
From the author of Ubel Blatt.

Action Sci-fi Shounen Supernatural

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2013.07.26     Chapter 01 - Collapse of Shinjuku  MF  IRC  RO
2013.07.29     Chapter 02 - Collapse of Shinjuku Part 2  MF  IRC  RO
2013.08.08     Chapter 03  MF  IRC  RO
2013.09.15     Chapter 04 - Battle of Warsaw Part 2  MF  IRC  RO
2013.10.11     Chapter 05 - Battle of Warsaw part 3  MF  IRC  RO
2013.10.11     Chapter 06 - Battle of Warsaw part 4  MF  IRC  RO